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The “Pearl” among the fjords. The Hjørundfjord cuts its way 36 km into the very heart of the Sunnmørs Alps. It divides the landscape into two equal halves and is flanked on each side by a jagged wall of steep mountains. At heights from 1200m to 1700m the mountains rise like huge statues.

Sagafjord Hotell

About 300 meters from the campsite is Sagafjord Hotel where you can enjoy a better dinner with fantastic views of the fjord.

Rekkedal Gjestehus

With the motto “When a meal is more than being full”, Bjarne and Margrethe welcome you to an old family farm with historic buildings all the way back from the 16th century.

Norangsdalen/Route of Queens

One of Norways narrowest valleys in Norway, with among others, Lyngstøylsvatnet, which was created when a rock fall dammed the river in 1908. You can still see the houses on the botton of the lake. At Skylstad you enter trough a nature-kathedral, “built” by peaks like Skruven, Slogen, Litlehorn, Smørskredtindane og Jakta. A total of seven european queens have travelled trough Norangsvalley.

Hotell Union Øye is an attraction by its own, recreated as it was when it was finished in 1893. Many great personalities have visited this unique hotel.

Bjørdalsvatnet, "Huldrestien"

Wonderful naturearea and perfect familytrip both with bicycles or baby buggies. Great birdlife.

Ivar Aasen tunet

The home of the famous poet and linguist Ivar Aasen, with a new and exiting cultural spectrum for New Norwegian language and writing.

As the starting point

In addition Hjørundfjord Camping is a great starting point for day trips to amongs other these famous places:







Brudavolltunet and more

Villagemuseum with nature and culturepath.